About Us

Guardian Business Group Inc. is a privately held executive coaching firm with offices located near Ottawa Ontario.  We support executives and professional coaches in private and public sectors across Canada and the United States.  We provide advice and guidance, training and development for teams and executives.

Long and varied experiences

We’ve worked with hundreds of organizations, over the past 22 years and our experience in various industries, sectors and competitive sports environments has taught us that every leader is unique in their skill and ability.  We tailor our approach to fit your need.  Some leaders need structure and guidance (hard skills development) while others need help connecting with their people (soft skills).

Our team is comprised of executive coaching professionals, specialized in many of the required disciplines for organizational success.

  • We help you set your business plans, objectives and goals, so that your organization becomes meaningful and specific in its intent.
  • We develop you and your team‘s ability to connect with each other, within an environment (Culture) built for success.
  • We help you hire the right people
  • We help you work with those who need support
  • We help you implement change management initiatives
  • We help facilitate national (organizational) conferences
  • We’ve designed tools and process to help with just about any challenge you may be facing in business

Guardian Business Group is different. We believe in a wellness approach and abide by the philosophy that successful executives and leaders  “make conditions right for growth to take place”!