Leadership Development

Leadership Development

Guardian Business Group’s Leadership Development Program will hone your strategic leadership capabilities, providing you with the tools to recognize and stay ahead of the various forces shaping the business landscape. Leaders can identify threats and pursue opportunities. They can make decisions in advance of their competitors.

Leveraging our Leadership Spectrum Model, you will learn how to create a clear business strategy for your organization, develop business growth strategies to align with that vision, and execute those strategies to achieve your desired goals. Our program also provides you the guidance to transform your current business strategy and vision into a compelling story that inspires everyone in your organization. We will help you communicate in way that earns your team’s trust and commitment.

We help you set the right goals and values based standards, to establish your organization’s accountability structure.

Our program features development topics such as:
• Developing the capacity to formulate a business strategy.
• Acquiring new ways to inspire senior management, peers and subordinates in your organization.
• Build capabilities for serving customers by setting expectations and controlling perception.
• Generate intuitive ideas to anticipate potential risks (business disruptions).
• Engage in scenario planning to map out priorities affecting your organization.
• Construct and communicate your own vision in a way that will be both authentic and engaging.
• Build your team with the right characters for the business environment and your team culture.

With over 22 years’ experience within retail, manufacturing, professional services and competitive sports sectors, we know it’s not enough to lead by example. Call us, we can help!

Executive Coaching

When it’s not enough to lead by example, we can help!  No matter what product or service your organization provides, you are in the people business. Nothing happens without people.

To be considered a world class executive, you need to first understand your style and then the basic need and ideal environment of every other personality in your organization.
We show you how to lead by supporting, encouraging, motivating and inspiring all personality styles. We help you build the right culture for your organization, so that you can feel comfortable implementing an accountability structure. We measure your staff’s thoughts and feelings on the workplace and your leadership, to help identify strengths and weaknesses. We help you set expectations and control perception.

We’ve developed two successful executive coaching programs (Performance Architecture & Leadership Spectrum), designed to help executives manage themselves, their team, client relationships and their organization’s true meaning in the marketplace.

Bottom Line:  We help you build, connect and engage with your team to achieve goals and objectives quickly!  High performance and success is a choice and we believe you have everything you need inside you. Let us show you where it is!